Fenton Art Walk

I had a great show last weekend in Fenton, MI. Thanks to everyone who came out to see me! I enjoyed meeting so many new people and sharing my art with new collectors. 

It was the first time I'd participated in the Fenton Art Walk. My daughter and her wife recently bought their first house in Fenton and made me aware of the show. Not only was it a great experience with enthusiastic shoppers and great show management (thanks so much for the continual supply of bottled water on a hot summer day!), but my daughters came and spent the afternoon with me. So it was a great opportunity to spend some time with them, and have them babysit my booth when I need a bathroom break LOL.

I'll definitely be putting the Fenton Art Walk on my list of regular summer shows. So if you didn't make it out, hopefully I'll see you there next year.

I'll be taking August off from shows to work on my paintings, and my next show will be during the Labor Day weekend at Art on the Bay in New Baltimore, MI. 

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