Working On Two New Paintings

After finishing my mourning doves paintings, I knew I wanted to paint another bird. I didn't want the doves to be lonely among all my floral paintings. ☺️ But I also wanted to get started on some fall projects.

So I started two paintings--one of a swan and another of pumpkins. I like being able to jump back and forth between them, especially if I've been working on one painting for a while and feel like I'm getting stuck. I'll go work on the other one, and that tends to clear up my mind. So when I go back to the first painting, I feel fresh and ready to tackle whatever was causing me trouble beforehand.

On top of those, I'm also working on winter images for Christmas cards, but those tend to be smaller and less detailed than a full-sized painting. I usually do those on the weekends, and work on the swan and pumpkins during my usual weekday work hours.


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