Welcome October!

red and orange fall maple leaves in watercolorI'm always excited for each new season, but I especially love fall! The leaves in Michigan turn gorgeous shades of red and orange, and it's a completely different experience than fall in CA where I'm originally from. We had plenty of trees, but most of them tended to be non-deciduous, and they stayed green year long, or for as long as you're willing to keep watering them during our never-ending summer droughts. But here, the leaves put on a gorgeous color show during fall. And since I'm not responsible for raking leaves, I especially enjoy it!

We have a few fall traditions in our family. Of course, with living in Ann Arbor, one of them is Saturday football. Go Blue! Another is our annual trip to Three Cedars Farm in Northville for pumpkins, apple cider, and donuts. I don't think we had cider mills in CA. Mums for the front porch and warm spiced wine from Cherry Republic also make the list of October must-do's. And I tend to bake more during the fall, things like pumpkin scones, apple cobblers, or anything from the fall section of the Rustic Fruit Desserts book. If you like cooking with in-season fruits, I highly recommend it. 

As far as my art, I've also shifted into fall mode. I'm painting crimson hued leaves, colorful indian corn, and bright orange pumpkins. My latest piece features a smorgasboard of multicolored autumn leaves. There are so many packed into the scene that it almost looks like an abstract painting. I've yet to name it, so if you have any ideas, I'm all ears!


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