Weekly Update May 25-29

I completed my iris painting. This one is 10x13 inches, which is larger than my usual 8x10 size. I enjoy painting in larger sizes because it's easier to work in all the details I like to include.

The original painting is available, and I've also added the image to my note card collection. Prints will be ready early next week. Although I own a professional quality printer, it doesn't print large format sizes. So I've had to work with an outside printer to get these prints made. 


06/01 UPDATE: My Iris prints are ready. Yay! They can be found here.





My plans for next week include continuing a small painting of snow drops I started yesterday as well as researching printers. As I mentioned, my current one doesn't print large sizes, so I'm considering investing in a new printer so I won't have to send my work out when I want to make large prints. It would also be a good idea to have two printers so I'd always have back-up if needed.

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