Weekly Update May 11-15

I bought a couple new DaVinco Maestro kolinsky sable paintbrushes. They're hand-made from the winter coat tail hairs of the Kolinsky sable, a weasel found in Siberia and Manchuria (sorry PETA!). Kolinsky sable is the best type of hair for watercolor brushes because of its ability to retain large amounts of water and disperse it evenly.

If you like seeing how things are made, Business Insider has a great video showing the skill and expertise necessary to hand make kolinsky sable brushes.

My previous brushes by Isabey are also kolinksy sable, and they're excellent brushes but I wanted something with a finer point. My new DaVincis have a needle-like point that make detail work a breeze. They were essential in painting the glass details on my latest Pansies painting, which I finished this week.

I sold the Pansies painting before it was even completed, which was a first for me! I've had paintings sell quickly, but this is the first time someone requested to buy after seeing an in-progress pic I posted on social media. So that was pretty exciting. :) While the original painting has been sold, I do have prints and notecards available.

My favorite parts of the painting are the glass and water. I really enjoy depicting reflective surfaces, and I plan to work it into more of my paintings going forward.

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