Weekly Update June 28 - July 4

I began a new painting this week. This one features foxglove flowers that will likely end up being a cross between fuchsia and purple. Follow me on Facebook if you want to see in-progress pics as I work on it.

Right now I'm working on the underpainting. The yellow color will really make the green foliage pop. Foxgloves tend to have white speckles inside the blooms, so I've covered them with making fluid, which is a liquid rubber product that will prevent any paint from touching the paper underneath it until it's removed. The brand I'm using is bright orange to make it easy to see where it's applied.

My 4th of July was pretty subdued, and my cats were very happy that there weren't a lot of fireworks going off. I have two cats. The white one is Toaster and the calico is Blender. We didn't plan for them to be named after appliances; it just sort of happened that way. :) My children were little kids when we got Blender, and they'd never seen a calico cat before. They said if you took every color cat and blended them up, you'd get our cat Blender. Then when Toaster came along, he had gray stripes on the top of his head that resembled toaster slots. If I ever get another cat, I'll have to name it Microwave or Dishwasher or something. LOL!



  • Love the cats, and I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this newest painting – LOVE foxgloves!

    Louise Bell
  • Thanks Linda! I’m so used to their names that when people comment on them being unique or interesting, it catches me by surprise until I remember, “Oh that’s right. I named them after household appliances!” LOL

    Kristal Serna
  • Love the post. Beautiful cats with interesting names!

    Linda Wirkkala (Linda Margaret)

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