Weekly Update June 22-28

It feels like it was just a few days ago when I was thinking, "Geez! I can't believe it's June already," and yet today I thought, "Geez! I can't believe it's nearly July!" This summer has been flying by!

I finished a new painting this week. It's an image of three cream colored roses in a glass of water against a pinkish background. The original painting has been sold, but I have prints in three sizes as well as note cards available here. My next painting will feature foxgloves. 

In addition to painting, I also like to bake. This past weekend, I baked a hummingbird cake from a new cookbook I got called Zingerman's Bakehouse. Zingerman's is an institution here in Ann Arbor. They make incredible food and their customer service is second to none. I love Zingerman's so I was pretty excited to receive this cookbook! 

Anyway, back to the cake. It turned out great and tasted exactly like the ones Zingermna's sells. Before moving here, I'd never heard of a hummingbird cake. I believe it's considered a southern cake but has its roots in Jamaica. It's got coconuts, bananas, pecans, and pineapple with a cream cheese frosting. It's reminiscent of a carrot cake, but tastes even better, at least I think so. :)

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