Weekly Update June 1-5

I completed my snow drops painting. Being 5x7 inches, I was able to paint it a little faster than my larger paintings. The original has been sold, but prints and note cards are available. I tried to give this painting the feeling that these little flowers are hidden somewhere off the beaten path, maybe in an enchanted forest-type place with fairies flitting about. You have to really search to find the flowers, so when you do discover them, they're like a secret that only you know about. I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out.

I chose and ordered a new large-format printer. It arrived this week and prints beautifully! I'm really happy that I'll be able to make prints up to 13x19 now. I'd like to test some of my current paintings at different sizes and see how they turn out. Sometimes a painting doesn't look right when you enlarge it too much, but we'll see.

The printer was much larger than I expected, about twice as wide as my previous one. It measures 27 inches wide, or about the length of my cat, Blender. She's crazy about boxes. If she can't get inside one, she's perfectly happy to sit on top. 

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