Weekly Update July 27-August 2

I started a new painting last week, a pair of pigeons on a brick wall. It's off to a good start, but it's not much to look at yet. I really like birds, so I'm enjoying this break from painting flowers.

In updating my records for July, I noticed that I'd shipped orders to South Dakota, which was an exciting discovery to make. The reason is that I thought it would be fun to keep track of which states my orders get shipped to. So, starting in March, I got a map and colored in each state as I got an order from it. I'd colored in all the others while South Dakota lingered there for weeks, so long that I'd almost forgotten about it! My prediction was that Alaska or Hawaii would be the final state, but they were actually among the first. So that was a fun discovery to make. 😊


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  • You do incredible work; am so very impressed with your artistic ability and the prompt service I have received thus far. Thank you for all that you do…stay well….

    Bonnie Hazard

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