Weekly Update April 27 - May 1

I completed a new painting this week. It's a pair of peonies. You can see it in more detail here.

There's a peony garden in my town's arboretum, and it blooms at the beginning of June each year. I usually go to view the blossoms, as do tons of other people. But I'm wondering if will be open to the public this year. It's still a month away, so who knows? 

One thing I know I won't be able to do this year, which really bums me out, is watching the spring songbird migration at Magee Marsh.

Magee Marsh Wildlife Area is a unique place at the southern end of Lake Erie in Ohio. Although I live in Michigan, it's only about a 90-minute drive, so I visit each spring.

They hold an annual festival at the beginning of May called the Biggest Week in Birding that attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe. Unfortunately, they've had to cancel the event and close the area to the public because it's impossible for people to socially distance.

It's a little hard to see in the photo, but the area is accessed via a boardwalk. During the festival, this boardwalk is packed with people, often so many that the entire walkway gets blocked.

Blackburnian warbler at Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, OhioWhat makes this area so special is that dozens of warblers species stop there to rest before flying over Lake Erie in their spring migration north. Other species, like bald eagles, can be found there too.

It's one of my favorite spring activities, so I'm pretty disappointed to miss it. I've included a few of the photos I've taken there.

Because I've been thinking so much about birds lately, I'm considering using one as a subject for my next painting. On the other hand, I've been really itching to paint a still life of purple irises. Maybe I'll flip a coin to decide which to paint first. :)

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bald eagle bird in nest at magee marsh wildlife area, ohio palm warbler bird on branch at Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Ohio baltimore oriole bird on branch at Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Ohio black-throated green warbler bird on branch at Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Ohio

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