Weekly Update April 20-24

Another week at home, not terribly different than usual these days. Except for a trip out to buy food, the only place I went to this week was the post office to mail orders. I make a trip most afternoons to mail out the day's orders. Fortunately, they have a drive-up collection box so I can stay in my car and don’t have to go inside. I live close to the post office, so it's a nice 10-15 minute break in my day. 

I finished two paintings this week. Aging Gracefully is a soft pink rose against a background that's a bit hard to describe. It's kind of golden with spatters of green and pink. The painting feels like it could have been taken from a piece of aged wallpaper in a grand Victorian home. It was named by a friend who thought the rose looked like it was an older elegant woman who is beautiful and aging gracefully.

The second painting is a close-up of a colorful hydrangea blossom. I don't have an interesting name for this painting. It's simply Hydrangea. I'm not good at coming up with artwork titles. So if you've ever got an idea for a great name, I'm all ears!


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