Sunflowers for Ukraine from Kristal Serna, Fine Artist

Sunflowers for Ukraine

APRIL 1 UPDATE: Thanks to your generosity, $477 was donated for March. This fundraising effort has been so popular that I want to do more. Instead of just 10% of my Sunflowers sales, as of April 1st I'm now donating ALL PROFITS from my Sunflowers sales!

A wonderful coincidence occurred recently. About a week ago, I started a sunflower painting. I chose sunflowers because it's one of the most requested flowers I get from my fans. 

A few days into the painting I started seeing images of sunflowers pop up all over social media. Come to find out, they're the national flower of Ukraine!

Knowing that, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a bit of good with this newest artwork.

I've made the decision to donate a portion of the sales from my sunflowers to an organization helping Ukrainian children.

I chose Voices of Children because as an artist, I like that they use art therapy to help Ukrainian children. Art therapy can help children deal with trauma, especially young children who may not yet have strong language skills. Art can also bring joy to kids during this very scary and unstable time for them.

To sum it up, through the end of 2022, I'll be donating 10% of the sales of all my Sunflowers cards & prints to Voices of Children, a non-profit organization that provides psychological care to the children of Ukraine. (Please see update above; I'm now donating all profits rather than 10% of sales.)

I'll also be reporting the amounts donated throughout the year.

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