Mourning Doves

The painting I'm currently working on is very different from my usual florals. It's an 11x14-inch image of two mourning doves atop a brick wall. I really like birds. I didn't notice them much until I moved to Michigan and started seeing Northern cardinals. Cardinals don't live in California, so their bright red feathers caught my eye right away. And it turns out I live in a great area to see the spring songbird migration, so I've gotten into birdwatching a bit while I've lived here.

Anyway, back to my painting. It's coming along nicely. I'm hoping to finish it in the coming week. It's been testing my knowledge of color theory, which I like. I always find it a kick when I discover that something I learned in school has a real-life application. That happens a little more frequently with the things I learned in art school and law school than with the things I learned when earning my Native American studies degree, LOL!



  • Thanks! I’m actually beginning my holiday/winter paintings this weekend! :)

    Kristal Serna
  • I really like this! I think you have a fabulous eye for light and hue! I hope you will get a chance to do some winter paintings for this Christmas…

    Goo Dong-Mae

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