Framed Mini Prints Are Here! from Kristal Serna, Fine Artist

Framed Mini Prints Are Here!

While I've always sold prints of my artwork, I've never offered frames before. Once a frame is added to an 8x10 (or bigger) print, it becomes quite large and heavy, which makes shipping difficult and expensive.

However, I came across these mini frames and fell in love with their charming size and intricate detail. And because they're small, they're easy to ship!

The bronze frame measures 4x5 overall, and the pewter frame is slightly smaller. I'm offering them at $9 each, so they make a great, affordable gift option.

While my cards and other prints are sold in a handful of retail stores around the country, you'll only be able to buy these mini prints directly from me. 

Shop my mini prints here.

a tabletop filled with small floral prints in metal frames
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