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European Summer Collection Cards & Prints

I've made cards and prints from my most recent collection of paintings. The name of this collection is European Summer. Before you ask, no I didn't visit Europe (although I wish I had!). 😊 Instead, others allowed me to use their photos of various locations in Italy, Spain, France, mainland Greece, and Crete.

Using ink with watercolor (sometimes called "line and wash") is somewhat of a new style for me. I've done a bit in the past but not to this extent. I used this style exclusively for these paintings.

I have a tendency to paint in a very tight, controlled manner, which isn't always ideal with watercolor since the medium really lends itself to a more loose, expressive style.

So what I did with this collection is draw the images with ink first, allowing myself to get as detailed as I wanted. Then, when I went in with the watercolor afterward, it was much easier to let go and paint in a freer style that let the watercolor showcase its unique ability to mingle serendipitously on the paper.

Note cards, greeting cards, framed mini prints, and 8x10 prints are available. In addition, I have a 13-piece combo notecard pack. It contains one card of each design and is packaged in a clear plastic box. You can find all of the cards and prints here.


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